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The High Desert
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Art Bell is an accomplished American broadcaster and author of The Art of Talk and well known as one of the founders of the paranormal talk genre and the original host of the highly successful and immensely popular nationally syndicated radio program Coast To Coast reaching more than 600 radio stations. He also created and formerly hosted its companion show Dreamland. Semi-retired from Coast to Coast AM since 2003, he hosted the show many weekends for the following four years. He announced his retirement from weekend hosting on July 1, 2007, but occasionally served as a guest host through 2010. He added that unlike his previous "retirements," this one was permanent; while leaving open the option to return. Classic Bell-hosted episodes of Coast to Coast AM can be heard in some markets on Saturday nights under the name Somewhere in Time. He started a new nightly show Art Bell's Dark Matter on Sirius XM that began on September 16, 2013 and ended six weeks later.

Art returned to radio on July 20, 2015 with a new show, Midnight in the Desert, available online with Dark Matter Digital, via TuneIn and Talk Stream Live and on some terrestrial radio stations. Art immediately upon his return made a ratings impact with a top 25 ranking in the digital and streaming media. Art Bell has always dominated the late night and overnight talk radio ratings landscape for so many years and seemingly positioned to once again.

Art Bell's Midnight in the Desert can be heard weeknights at 9pm PT/12 midnight ET via Dark Matter Digital and Talk Stream Live lists and links to Art Bell's show streaming online:
Listen to Midnight in the Desert on the DMDN Listen Line: 605-562-4444 and to view his website: