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Tammy Bruce is a fierce and feisty Independent Conservative Talk Radio Host, New York Times best selling author, blogger, Fox News political contributor and columnist at The Washington Times. She is a staunch  free-speech advocate and Second Amendment defender. The "Tammy Bruce Show" premiered in 1993 in Los Angeles and was nationally syndicated in 2005 by TRN, reaching over 200 station affiliates. In 2009, in a bold move to gain greater broadcast freedom, Ms. Bruce took her radio show independent, Tammy Radio, making it an exclusively New Media program available streaming online and via subsriber podcast. Her show is 100% listener supported from her subscriber base. She describes her followers as her Tams or members of the Tammy Army. Tammy is a new media digital pioneer being the first talk show host to leave broadcast media for exclusive internet distribution. She helped pave the way for many other talk hosts seeking similar talk show aspirations and freedom of expression. She is among a very rare few top talkers to ever achieve the #1 streaming online program position with Talk Stream Live. Tammy Bruce consistently competes in top tier with Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage.

Once a lifelong Democrat (until 2008 when she registered as unaffiliated), Ms. Bruce worked on a number of Democratic campaigns in 1990s, including the 1992 Boxer and Feinstein senate races and the Clinton for President campaign. President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky and the liberal and feminist establishment continued support of him was one of many tipping points in Ms. Bruce's embracing of libertarian and conservative ideals. She is proud to have voted twice for President Reagan and has supported all Republican candidates for president since George W. Bush's election in 2000.

In addition to her media work, Tammy speaks to a variety of groups nationwide, including college, business and civic organizations with her speech, "Contrary to Popular Belief: How Conservative Ideas Empower Women, Gays and Blacks." Her first book, "The New Thought Police," was published by Forum, an imprint of Crown/Random House, in October 2001. An analysis of freedom of expression and the culture wars, it explores the importance of freedom of expression and personal liberty and how that liberty is under attack by the dangerous rise of Left-wing McCarthyism. Her second book, "The Death of Right and Wrong," also for Random House (April 2003), addresses the rise of moral relativism in society and quickly became a New York Times best seller. Ms. Bruce's latest work, "The New American Revolution," was published by Harper Collins/Morrow and is now available in paperback.

Drawn into feminist activism in the late 1980's, Ms. Bruce focused on women in the workplace, violence against women and ending international subjugation of women. Just two years after joining the National Organization for Women, with a brand of feminism that places her somewhere between Donna Reed and Thelma and Louise, Ms. Bruce was elected president of the Los Angeles chapter of NOW at the age of 27. Until she saw the conservative light, she also served on their national board of directors.

A native of Los Angeles, Ms. Bruce holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from the University of Southern California, from which she graduated cum laude. Currently she is a PhD candidate at Claremont Graduate University. Ms. Bruce notes her interest in politics and individual liberty was sparked during her childhood in part because of the work of authors Ray Bradbury and George Orwell, both of whom remain her favorite writers. Ms. Bruce lived in Los Angeles and has since moved to NYC.

Tammy Bruce can heard streaming online at TSL twice daily: http://www.talkstreamlive.com/program/tammy_bruce/
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