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Rush Limbaugh is the longest reigning ratings leader in all talk radio. Rush is the perennial Premiere Radio Networks' top nationally syndicated radio talk show reaching nearly 20 million listeners weekly on 600 plus stations. Rush has ruled the talk radio ratings for more than two decades. He has also maintained a strong grip over online streaming talk radio. Rush is best known as a radio host but he was a large TV star in the 90's. He publishes the very popular Limbaugh Letter. Rush has successfully authored many best selling books, including children's books. He also offers his own brand of iced teas.

Rush was a DJ by trade and later a talk show host, thereby becoming the most influential and impactful of his generation. Talkers and Arbitron rank Rush Limbaugh #1 in all of talk radio. Talkers has ranked him #1 in its annual "Heavy Hundred" for each edition. Rush Limbaugh topped the Talk Stream Live "Power Fifty" for 2013. He is foremost an entertainer; yet, a most powerful conservative political talker closely aligned with the GOP. Rush calls himself "America's Anchorman". He is the highest paid talk radio performer. Rush has had a legendary talk radio career surpassing by far all comers.

Talk Stream Live connects to many radio stations across America that stream online Rush's most popular show live 12 noon to 3 pm ET weekdays and his weekend best of re-broadcasts.

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