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Laura Ingraham is a fearless broadcaster of faith and fortitude.
Laura is likely the longest reigning nationally syndicated female hosted conservative political talk radio show in America. Laura's show motto is "Your Healthy Radio addiction". Her talk show is heard on hundreds of radio stations and airs weekdays live 9 am-12 noon ET. Laura always brings her wit and wry sense of humor to her very popular morning talk show. Laura Ingraham has remarkably and consistently ranked as the #3 streaming online talk show according to Talk Stream Live and #1 in her morning time slot. Laura was the long time fill-in host on the Fox News's The O'Reilly Factor. She is a Tea Party favorite. Laura has a legal background that includes serving as a Supreme Court law clerk. She has authored many best selling books and is savvy in the social media realm with her Ingraham Angle. Laura has recently broadened her topic range that reaches beyond the usual beltway politics of talk radio.

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