Talk Stream Live - lists and links to Streaming Talk Shows that are Live or Airing Now. 

What is Talk Stream Live (TSL)?
Talk Stream Live is a free to use, dynamic directory of streaming talk radio shows available online and on our mobile apps for iPhone and Android. TSL lists and links to streaming talk shows and their stations, offering a wide selection of the most popular established and emerging talk radio shows. The shows are continuously ranked by our users and listed in order of popularity. TSL is host/show-centric, we primarily feature talk shows, although, some stations are listed. Conservative political talk is the predominant and in-demand brand of talk; however, all political perspectives are offered. TSL lists and links to most, if not all talk radio genres. TSL presents shows that are Live or Airing Now. Talk Stream Live is Always On 24/7 with the Best Streaming Talk Shows. Note: TSL is Not a station, network, syndicator, producer or stream provider of talk shows.

Is TSL a Free Service?
Yes.. it is Free for users to listen and for talk shows and stations to list.

Does TSL Offer Mobile Apps?
Yes.. TSL offers mobile apps for free use and download iPhone, Android and iPad apps. The TSL apps have been fully updated, vastly improving features and functionality. We welcome your feedback and reviews.

How do I listen on TSL and how does it work? 
You can listen 24/7 by visiting the TSL website and scrolling the list for the shows presented that are streaming live right now. Simply click on the show icon (photo) and you will land on the show's page where you will find a list of station streams to select from and then just click the station of your choice to listen. You can also listen to these streaming talk shows on the TSL mobile apps  by simply clicking on the host pic or show icon taking you directly into the show. TSL offers ease of use and instant access to your favorite talk shows.

What if I don't see a particular show that I want to listen to on the list?
If you don't see a show on the list that could mean that it is Not currently live or scheduled to stream right now. You can then use the search box in the upper right corner by entering the host or show name to see if the show is available and what time that show will appear next on the TSL platform.

Why don't All shows listed on your site appear on the TSL mobile apps?
That's because some shows and stations provide only flash players, iHeart players or websites. Consequently, TSL can only connect to direct (MP3) streams for our mobile apps.

Must I sign-up or sign-in to use TSL?
No. Unless you use for social media postings or for the favorites feature.

Does TSL offer Music programming?  No

Does TSL offer Sports Talk?  Yes

Does TSL offer News Stations?  Yes

How do talk shows get listed on TSL?

Any show or station can submit a request to TSL for a free listing. Most requests are honored. TSL lists live or same day streamed shows; podcasts are not accepted for listing at this time.

*Note: TSL reserves the right to reject or remove shows that are egregiously offensive (engaging in flagrant hate rhetoric, defamation, threatening violence, engaging in criminal acts, exhibiting extreme vulgarity or ongoing tech/sound issues.) Also, we typically avoid most brokered shows, MLN, direct sales, networking or infomercial promotions.

     When your show is accepted we request:

  • -- Name of the show or host and show times
  • -- Name of the streaming station and location
  • -- Website link for the show and station
  • -- Photo JPEG high resolution 1024 x 1024
  • -- Reliable MP3 station stream
  • -- Twitter @name to promote show

How does TSL rank and compile its ratings reports?
TSL ranks streaming talk shows based on actual real time listenership. TSL compiles its ranking reports quarterly and annually. The TSL Top 25 Report tracks talk radio show listener sessions and these metrics are collected through our cloud based server online at Talk Stream Live’s Website, Gadgets, iPhone, iPad, Android Apps and our listen links on Social Networks. TSL only ranks the talk shows that are listed at TalkStreamLive.com. TSL Top 25 Streaming Talk Shows and TSL Power 50 ranking reports published at: https://blog.talkstreamlive.com/

What is Talk Show Topics?
TSL's Talk Show Topics enables hosts and listeners to post hash tag topics that are being discussed now on-air. Posts are for the main show topics or themes, refrain from running narratives. These topics are easily distributed via social media: Twitter and/or Facebook that include an audio listen link to the show.

Does TSL have Social Media presence and engagement with its listeners?
Yes, Facebook is on each TSL show page to now engage specifically with each show and host. TSL has its Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TalkStreamLive which we use primarily for talk show and talk radio industry news and updates. TSL is active on Twitter @TalkStreamLive tweeting listening links to the most popular shows and relevant topics and stories. Also, Talk Show Topics (see above).

What about a Favorites feature?
Yes, hold your cursor over the host/show icon and click on the star in top right corner and it will save and move your favorite show to the top of the list.

Offer News Headlines?
Yes, TSL now offers News Headlines that are uniquely curated articles that are reflective of talk radio. Some stories are contributed by talk hosts.

How do the Phone Listen Lines work?
The Listen Lines provide audio-on-demand for your favorite talk shows simply dial the phone number to listen and it is free-to-use with unlimited plans and saves your data. It plays the current live show and replays it until the following next show. The Listen Lines are found for most talk shows listed with TSL on their host show page in top right corner. 

How do I use Podcast-by-Phone to listen to talk shows?
Podcast by Phone audio-on-demand is now available and you can listen up to the last 5 show podcasts of the best talk shows on any phone. Audio controls: tap 4 on your keypad to rewind, 5 to play/pause and 6 to skip ahead 20 seconds per tap. Podcast by Phone is free to use with unlimited plans and saves your data. Requires No audio downloads or file storage nor bandwidth use.

Has TSL added Auto Scan to its mobile apps?
Yes it's a great way to discover new talk shows or to peruse up and down the entire list or (dial) like the old car scanners. Auto Scan is the best way to beat the boredom or bypass those bothersome breaks.

       TSL offer Gadgets?
       -- The Show Stopper
       -- The List (Top 5)
       -- Talk Show Topics
       -- News Headlines
       -- Impulse Radio

How can I Advertise my product or service on your site and with the talk shows?
We offer our clients the lowest rates on monthly advertising packages for most streaming talk shows and stations which includes The TSL Power Buy via TSL Media Reps. Contact Bill Frees: bill@tslmediareps.com    http://www.talkstreamlive.com/advertise.htm

How do I contact TSL?
You may contact us at: contacttsl@gmail.com  or  info@talkstreamlive.com if you have inquiries regarding the site, apps, talk shows, advertising, ideas, suggestions or feedback.

How do I contact the host, show or station listed at TSL?
You will need to contact them directly.. we generally do not have their contact info. TSL does link to the host/show website via clicking on their show pic located on each host TSL show page.